Stay-at-home mom earns massive jackpot win at Slotland

Slotland Casino has announced that a recent big jackpot winner just so happens to be a stay-at-home mom who took a little ‘me time’ away from the kiddos to enjoy online games and got lucky in the process. Debra J. was a big jackpot winner last week who earned $315,124 by playing the Open Season slot game at Slotland. The game is part of a progressive jackpot that is hit quite frequently and this payout was the largest to ever be awarded.

Stay-at-home mom earns massive jackpot win at Slotland

Debra J. takes a time out from her mommy duties a few times every week to enjoy a little time to herself with online slot game play. She has earned a few nice wins but never one this large. When speaking to a representative of Slotland, Debra stated that there’s so many things she has dreamed of doing if she ever won like this. She plans on putting money away for the kids and paying bills plus fixing up the home, but also enjoy fun stuff like throwing a party, spoiling themselves on new items and she would love to take a trip around the world!

The stay-at-home mom is still in shock over the win, even more so after being told it was a record setting jackpot. The win has yet to fully sink in and Debra stated her jaw literally dropped and she started dancing after finding out about the win.

Michael Hilary is the manager of Slotland who stated that you never know when a progressive is going to hit and the longer it takes, the bigger the jackpot gets. According to Hilary, Slotland’s jackpot is hit more often than most and usually is activated before it reaches more than $200,000. So, he had been expecting the jackpot to hit for quite some time and never thought it would go so high.

The majority of the real money online slot games at Slotland are connected to a single progressive jackpot. Players simply place a wager to qualify for the progressive, usually no less than $5, and then a portion is placed into a fund for the progressive jackpot. The player then has the ability to win the progressive on the spin. Debra’s win was the first time the jackpot was hit on the Open Season game with five Bears and a max bet earning the win.

The Open Season game just launched on the 17th birthday celebrations of Slotland in 2016 and is based on a hunting theme. The game features free spins and mystery cash bonuses. From time to time, a hunter will appear on the reels and shoot at non-winning symbols with these symbols being replaced by Double Wilds.